Building Business Solution with Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile platform that provides the core infrastructure for a wide variety of business uses.


Since 2001, we have been helping our customers implement SharePoint  solutions for a range of business uses, covering areas such as Intranets, E-Registries and e-Services


We build Intranets for large government organisations. Our intranets are implemented with features for:

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge Management
  • Document and record management
  • Business workflow
  • Enterprise Search
  • Video repository and streaming



Our registry system allow organsiation to keep track of their digital records (including emails and scanned documents) as well as physical  records. Registries are designed to help support ISO 15489 standards as well as digital preservations strategies.


Going beyond traditional websites, we help organisation build eServices. Our experience includes:

  • Grant Management Systems

  • FAQ portals

  • Media Management systems
  • Expert panel systems
  • Web Content Management


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