About Us

Founded in 1998, Commerce Online focuses on translating business needs into versatile IT system while retaining simplicity of design.

Serving mainly public sector customers in Singapore, we understand the various needs and requirements of this industry and have developed expertise and solutions to deliver fast and effective deployments for our customers. 

Business Area

With our long and deep working relationship with various public sector organization in Singapore, we understand the needs and trends of the various challenges posed to large complex organisationr. ​

We continuously evolve and develop our expertise to cover various areas in this sector. Our ever expanding expertise include: ​

  • Document and Records management

  • Knowledge Management System
  • Registries system
  • Email filing and management
  • Digital Rights management
  • Multimedia Content management
  • Web Content Managment


With wide coverage in the public sector, our customers include:

  • Government Ministries

  • Statuary Board

  • Public Healthcare

  • Education

Our  knowledge of the public sector means our solutions are design to make the best use of the infrastructure that is common within the sector. Customers will typically find that our innovative way of leveraging on existing infrastructure, provides them with a lower TCO.

Our delivery process and methodologies are also aligned tightly with the project QA standards as well as the audit and control process that is commonly required in the sector. This results in smoother running and handing over of projects and better compliance.


​Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile platform that provides the core infrastructure for a wide variety of business scenarios. This can range from public Web Site management to specific workflow systems. Because of it's versatility, it is widely used in the public sector.​


Commerce Online have been rolling out SharePoint solution for various business challenges since SharePoint 2001. Through various engagements, we discovered that by leveraging on 3rd party add-ons , this value can be multiplied many fold.​


It is with this philosophy, that we have engaged various technology partners and adapted them to our local context. More information about our partners, can be found here