ISO 15489 : International Standard on Records Management

ISO 15489 is a standard various orangisations are adopting to ensure that valuable records in an organisation are properly kept.

The standard provides guidance to ensure that records remain authoritative through retention of their essential characteristics: authenticity, reliability, usability and integrity. It explains how to ensure records are properly curated, easily accessible and correctly documented from creation for as long as required.

As Sharepoint is widely used by organisation as their document repository, it make sense for these organisation to leverage on what is already available in Sharepoint to implement their records management's implementaiton. However out-of-box Sharepoint still lacks certain features that would make implementation of ISO 15489 a little tricky.

Working based on our customer needs, we have enchance their Sharepoint solution, bringing them closer to their ISO implementation. Our implementation have allowed our customer to extend their Sharepoint records management capbilities to include:

  • Feature rich phyical records tracking system that handle the lifecycle of a phyical records.

  • Email filing capability with ability to file and group entire email thread as records in the system - automatically

  • integrated federated records management capabilities across email records, office documents records, PDF recrods as well as phyical records.

  • Digital preservation feature to ensure that end-of-cycle records can be preserved and traced

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